eamli operator documentation

Welcome to the eamli operator documentation site.

eamli is a decision-intelligence service that eamli analyses millions of possibilities in ways humans can’t. Within seconds, eamli models the future so that you can see the impact of decisions before you make them.


The eamli operator provides a single interface for managing all the services that make up the eamli platform, and provides seamless upgrade process, to keep you always up to date.


Resources Required

The operator requires 100m CPU and 256Mi memory.

For the minimum requirements for services, see the service configuration documentation


Check out the quick start guide, for getting the eamli operator up and running


For full configuration options, see the configuration guide


Only x86-64 platforms are supported by this operator.

SecurityContextConstraints Requirements

The restricted security context constraint (SCC) is used for the operator.

You can also apply the eamli SCC, to limit the permissions applied to eamli resources

Quick start

To get started with the eamli operator check out the Quickstart guide (Openshift)



If you need more help, please reach out to us at support@eamli.com